Hello there fellow Sweater Knitter!

My name is Virginia, and I am a Sweater Knitter. Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I share my crafty endeavors. My ultimate goal is to have a (mostly) handmade wardrobe. I’m already working on it and I want to start sharing that journey with other like-minded people. Here you will find my projects and opinions, and probably several lists, because I’m a list-maker too.

About me

I learned to knit in 2012, when I moved to Germany and was about to experience the first winter of my life. I went to buy a set of hat and scarf and the price seemed so high that I walked out of the store with the firm believe that I could probably do it myself for a lower price. As it turns out I did manage to make myself a hat and scarf, and although it was about the same money in the end, I gained something much better, something I didn’t know I needed, I learned to knit and to make something for myself!

I became quickly obsessed with improving my sweater collection. Specially after the first time I experienced temperatures below zero °C and understood that a wool sweater was the only way to survive it.

Since then, I’ve done many projects with different degrees of success, and I even learned how to sew. The common thread, no matter the outcome, is that I love the entire process of dreaming a project, making it and wearing it in the end.

I’ve recently realized that I have been involve in “making” or “crafting” activities before. Looking back I can remember helping my Grandma with macramé to hide lamp cables when I was a kid, putting together every puzzle I could find (which for me counts as making), making bracelets with cords, and I even had a jewelry-making phase during university. It runs a bit in my family as well. My mom used to sew dresses for me, and my grandfather made lamps with whatever he had around, like straws and baskets.

I think I was meant to find this creative outlet at some point in my life, and now that I’m finally there I’m going to enjoy it.