A worsted weight sweater at last!

My beloved fringe bag and the completed back of my cardigan
Awesome texture!

After months of knitting only fingering or sport (fingering-in-disguise) weight sweaters I’ve had enough of the tiny needles and slow progress.

Two weeks ago I started the Tinder cardigan from Jared Flood a beautiful worsted weight cardigan, knit on size 5 mm needles, huge! compared to all the 3 and 3.25 mm I’ve been using.

I started on Wednesday 12 of July, according to my ravelry project page, and since then I have knit on it only in little bits of time in the morning train. Two weeks later and the back is already done, all 70 cm of it. I might actually finish this one faster than my 3-month average, it is very exciting.

I hope to cast on the left front tomorrow, after I wind the next skein of yarn and have it done by next week 😉



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