We dream faster than we knit


I have been dealing with a strong case of cast-on-itis, I have so far resisted casting on more projects, trying to respect my new 3-WIP rule, but I finally caved in and cast on everything on my mind!. It was so satisfying getting all my yarn and needles ready and reading each pattern to decide the size, measuring all swatches, I really did enjoy the entire process.

I knew from the moment I decided to just cast on everything that it would become hard to advance all those projects and I foresaw some frogging. That was two weeks ago and I still have all of them on the needles, but something curious has happened. I find myself wanting to cast on even more things and I daydream about all the other projects I want to do. I lost all focus and I’m not making significant progress on any of the projects.

To remedy this situation I started writing down all that’s on my daydreaming mind, with all the details I can come up with. Also I packed in a small project bag only one of the projects, with the goal of making some progress on it this week. I started that on Tuesday and so far it has helped me control the situation, although I still want to do it all.

We knitters dream faster than we knit.


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