Baby Knits = Cute and Fast


I’ve recently made some baby gifts and they were very rewarding. They are super cute and fast. I cast on a Friday morning and by Sunday afternoon it was all done. Now i just have to send them to the kid before he gets too big to wear them 🙂

These are both patterns from Tincanknits, the baby patterns genius. The patterns are The World Simplest Mittens and the Bumble hat. I used DK yarn from Skein Queen, called Crush DK, which is a dream to knit with!



The 3-WIP Rule

Pile of WIPs November 2016
Pile of WIPs November 2016

Last year my pile or works in progress (WIP’s) went out of control. By November I realized I had 6 sweater projects on the needles. I did a revision of everything that was there and took action, I finished one, frogged 3, put 1 in hibernation until next summer, and I’m currently working on finishing one more.

For this year I will like to keep my WIP pile under control and actually finish more of them. So I’m creating a rule for myself: No more than 3 WIP’s at a time!

3-WIP rule:

  • In general, I mean to have 2 sweaters and 1 accessory on the needles
  • Accessories: socks, hats, shawls, scarfs…
  • Sweaters: this will be ideally sweaters at different stages and with different characteristics to switch between them frequently. For example one worsted and one fingering-weight sweater, or one at sleeves and one at the body, or one with cables and one plain stockinette
  • Exceptions (everyone is allowed one exception): for me the exception might be hats, I frequently cast on hats spontaneously and also finished them quite fast, in that case, they don’t really hurt my normal WIP progress.

I’ve been testing this since January and is going well so far 🙂