Two Fronts At A Time

Poor picture of my two fronts in the sofa

I decided to make my worsted weight sweater go even faster by knitting the two fronts simultaneously. It seemed like a wonderful idea at the time, I now see that maybe it was not.

Although it will of course means that I get to finish both pieces at the same time and that they will be the same length, it also means that I’m taking away (a little) the versatility of a sweater knitted in pieces, which is the small detachable pieces. Right now I need to have a special setup in my sofa to handle the two balls of yarn while I knit because I hate tangled yarn, so I’m not knitting it on the train anymore and that cuts the knitting time.

I’ve been thinking of separating the twin fronts at some point but I haven’t decided. Part of me really wants to be done with the two fronts at the same time and part of me just wants to knit one fast.

Also knitting two flat pieces on the same needle can get confusing. You might end up knitting on a single piece a few rows without seeing that you forgot to get to the next piece, which is now a few rows shorter. That scenario is a bit of a disaster and requires attention and ripping. I haven’t found any brilliant trick to avoid this, I just put a marker on the right side of my pieces and I try to look down after I finish each to see which is next.



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