Summer of Basics FO #1: The Linden Sweatshirt

The fabric
My finished Linden sweatshirt

I’ve been looking for a sweatshirt pattern for sometime now. At first I thought that the Linden wasn’t for me because of the raglan sleeves. I normally like the style of the set-in sleeves. But a crafty friend of mine insisted that this was a great sweatshirt and after seeing her versions I had to agree (thanks Tania!). So I got the pattern all printed and assembled and the fabric ready to go and just then I found the Halifax hoodie, which had all the variations I wanted, set-in sleeves, options for pullover or cardi and a hood. So at that time (about March 2017) I went for the Halifax hoodie instead. As it turns out I haven’t finished that because I haven’t found the right zipper for my hoodie, but as soon as I find it I will be able to talk about my halifax hoodie.

As the summer of basics came along, the idea of a very needed sweatshirt was still in my head and this time I decided to go ahead with the Linden.

I cut it in 15 min, as I was able to cut it all on my dinning table, much better and faster than the floor. Then I procrastinated for a day or two and then finally sewed it in about 30 min!

Maybe it was all my previous experience sewing with knits and with Grainline studio patterns, but I only had to take a look at the instructions booklet once, make a test of the stitch I was using, and sew the thing. It is 16 seams and that is all. It is so easy to put together and the result is so nice. This is a true basic and I adore it.


  • Pattern is Linden sweatshirt by Grainline studio
  • I cut size 6, which is a size smaller than the recommended for my bust size of 36″ and it fits me ok. Might try to make size 8 next time to test it.
  • My fabric is a flowery french terry fabric from JP Stoffe.
  • I used a small 2 x 2 zig zag to sew all seams and a stretch stitch (something that my machine has) for the neck top-stitching, all with all purpose Gutermann thread.




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