The Sleeve Code


I really don’t like knitting sleeves, so anything that might help me to get that part over quicker is always welcome. To that effect I’ve had a “Sleeve code” for while now. It consist of reading all instructions for the sleeve and set aside a number of markers that represent every increase and decrease I do on the sleeve.

In the example of the sleeve for the Tinder cardigan I’m doing now it meant 7 increases every 10 rows (this sleeves are knit flat from the bottom up) and 1 increase every 8 row. After that the cap shaping begins with 3 increases every 4 rows and then decrease every RS row (no marker for those). So I assign big markers to the increases and same colors for the same amount of rows in between, and small markers for decreases.

The entire thing just means looking at the pattern a lot less, I only have to check the length after I’m done with a section. This trick works for every type of sleeve, worked in the round or flat.


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