Summer of Basics FO #2 and #3: Archer Shirt and Jamie Jeans


I finally finished the big projects for the Summer of Basics!! (I also wanted to do a bag but I didn’t get the chance ).
These were intended to go well together and make a full outfit and I think I managed it, I’m testing it out today.

The Archer Shirt:
For the Archer shirt I wanted something cute and that I would actually wear. After a lot of thought I decided to do the version with the different back, like a ruffle, and I went with short sleeves.
To get the length of the sleeves I took the sleeve pattern piece from the Scout tee (also by Grainline studio) and put it on top of the Archer and copied that length.
I was really scared of sewing this shirt and I must say, it wasn’t difficult at all!. I took it step by step, without cramping all in a single day and it all went fine. Also the sewalong from Grainline studios was a great resource.
I think the fit is good, not too tight or too oversized. To be honest I will have to wear it a few times before I decide if I like it, this is not my typical kind of shirt.

The Jamie Jeans:
This was another pattern that scared me, and this time I have to say I was kind of right. The sewing is pretty straight forward except for the zipper, where you actually have to stop and look at the pictures and instructions and your own pair of RTW jeans so your brain understands what’s going on. The hardest part was judging the fit. I thought the fit was great when I try them on at the basting stage, but they turned out too big. I think I just forgot that the stretch denim will, well, stretch when worn and therefore they had to be skin tight when sewn.
But this pair was precisely meant to be for practice. I think the next one will be much better.



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